My Delicious Meal Planner


I love it when I write down what I eat as it keeps me accountable and I am not placing junk in my mouth like I used to. Here's a quick snapshot of  my day today;


Had to give it a miss today due to my neck. Went to see a GP and Chiropractor. I have a C1 pressing on my brain stem and need to get a CT scan in the morning. All good, drugged up so it's going to be a ok. Keep you posted with the results, I'm just tipping I have been a bit overloaded with some stuff going on here at home so it's just my body telling me to  s.l.o.w  i.t  d.o.w.n


Raspberry and strawberry porridge with black chia seeds and walnuts

Morning snack

Natural greek yogurt served with strawberries and cantaloupe


Chicken cheese sandwiches

We were all over the place this afternoon so I was grateful Adrian was around to help me with the kids, make lunch and drop me off at the doctors....when I got back home I was still very hungry and this protein drink really filled my tummy up!

Afternoon snack

Chocolate protein smoothie

1 banana

chia seeds




Vegetable bolognese with wholemeal pasta (I had it with zucchini juliennes)

Adrian took this photo however I took the one below as I set out all the ingredients for him and a list on how to cook a simple bolognese sauce.


Heat olive oil and sautee onion, garlic, carrots, capsicum (red bell pepper) and zucchini (corgette). Once cooked, add mince meat, herbs and cook until brown. Pour tomato passata sauce and 1 tin of crushed tomatoes. Add more passata if required with tomato paste and water. He did a great job!!!

Okay another early night for me, it was chaotic today! I hope you are all fantastic and thanks for all your comments here, Facebook and Instagram! You truly make my day!!!

Xx Dani