Day 3 - no added sugar challenge

Gosh last night was tough, I was really craving that block of chocolate and those ice creams we had down the beach. I now officially know how it feels to become an addict of something. Sure. You may just think it's sugar and not a real drug but it's still considered an addictive "unhealthy" substance so really, I can put it in that category if I wish. So for someone that has been eating relatively clean and then binging on all this sugar, I sure am paying for it. Moody. Agitated. Tired.


I can get through this. Trying to educate myself over the internet and re-reading the Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar ebook, as some of you that know me, I am not a huge fan of reading at the best of times. Much rather be looking at those pretty pictures in Belle, Vogue, Inside Out etc.....magazines. Also her books cover heaps on all this sugar stuff so for those asking all these sugar questions, I highly recommend this book. I will also do a book review once I have fully read it, for those that are wanting a  sugar free bible to assist them in their day to day food choices.

Special blog guest I am in the process of also writing up an additional post about which foods to avoid that have added sugar and also what to look out for in the ingredients list and nutritional tab. My lovely friend Karin is a Nutritionalist and Health Food Coach in New York and I will invite her to do a blog post on her views on sugar and finally be clear on some of those questions you have been asking. I really want us all to be on the same page. This is new to me, even though I ran this challenge last year. So I will clip on as much information as I can and hope you too can help with any of your resources.

Apologies once again for my delayed responses to the last few days of my posts, we have been in over drive here at home (wend preparation) as kids go back to school again and my husband starting a new job so I don't see him from 6am-8pm. So I am a one woman show and heavily tied up with managing our family and home so please be patient with me.....

I managed to do my FYM workout this morning and I love the fact that I don't have to spend hours at the gym and can do a workout between 15-20 minutes per day. What's your workout like? How long do you workout per day? Per week? Do you prefer to workout at the gym or can you motivate yourself and workout at home?


Pear and cinnamon porridge

I have so many variations that I make with our basic porridge concoction, so feel free to type in porridge or oats in the very top left hand corner box to see what I mean. I have added strawberries, orange, our fave breakfast meal. What's your favourite?


2 hard boiled eggs with vegetable sticks


Chicken wrap with feta, tomato, cucumber and spinach


Tzatziki dip (yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice & garlic) with vegetable sticks and rice crackers


Chicken tenderloins with cauliflower, broccoli and beans

chicken veg.jpg

Okay another super quick dinner tonight as we have a few things on.

Method:1). Season chicken tenderloins with S&P, tarragon (omit or replace with your favourite herb), garlic and lemon juice 2). Allow to sit for at least 10 minutes while you wash and prep your favourite vegetables. 3). Steam veggies as you either bake the chicken tenderloins or I prefer now to use my Chefs Toolbox as I can leave in my sauté pan with the lid on and attend to whatever one of our 4 kids are wanting from me at this busy hour (5-7pm is mahem at our place) 4). Once all vegies are cooked to your liking I like to mix up some yogurt, seeded mustard and glaze the vegetables so they have a bit more flavour!

How did you survive Day 3 of our no added sugar challenge? Thanks again for coming and I really do love you all visiting, please tell me about how your day is going. See again here tomorrow.

Xx Dani