Off The Grid Challenge

UPDATE 7th July 2017 Here's a challenge I did a couple of years ago as I found our love for connecting with the world disconnecting from the ones we loved which were present in the same room as us. I also read an awesome article that resonated with me and how our children today are being deprived of the fundamentals of a healthy childhood. 


  • As parents we are not emotionally available to our children
  • We have no defined limits or guidance to help our children
  • There are no responsibilities or consequences 
  • Not enough sleep or routine
  • An unbalanced nutritional lifestyle  
  • Lack of movement and playing outside 
  • No creative play, one-on-one interaction or exploring "I'm bored" moments 

Because what we are in fact doing is; 

  • We, as parents are being distracted by our digital devices and so called work
  • Some parents tend to allow their kids to “Rule the world” and get whatever they want
  • Our kids expect we will buy them things instead of them taking responsibility for damaged toys or devices
  • Not allowing them to have enough sleep and feeding them a unbalanced diet
  • Kids are sedated with an indoor screen lifestyle
  • They're constantly "ON" and being stimulated, babysitters are now devices or TV
  • Children actually don't experience dull moments or the BORED dilema

So let's make a change and spend less time on our devices and correct some of the above. It's all about baby steps. Use the below challenge we did in January 2015 and apply it to us in 2017. 

Together we can make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race (thanks Michael Jackson for that inspiration.)

* * * 



Another year another new challenge. This ones going to be a tough one! I know some of you rely on social media for business purposes, but you totally know where I am coming from when I ask you to get off the grid even if it's for 1-3 hours. You can survive. For those of you that don't use social media for biz purposes, you're gonna blitz this challenge!!! Also for those that want to combine a little fitness this month we can do our Planks Challenge like we did a couple of year ago. 


The aim of this challenge is to disconnect from social media for as long as you can in the month of January (or any month really.)

It can be for 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. I am going away from the 5-20th January 2015 so I have challenged myself for 15 days off social media. Hmmm.......

Here's some tips to refrain from checking your device and/or computer every minute.

Ways to help you #offthegrid2015

1. Schedule your social media times, say 8am-10am then 7-8pm. I used to call this the "power hours" when I was at work going through all my emails and/or my things to do list. I was a lot more efficient in those 2 hour blocks than sporadically replying back throughout the day!

2. Choose your favourite social media platforms and stick to only 1-2 of them. There are so many platforms out there from Google+, Tumblr, Vine, Skype, LinkedIn etc.... the list is endless. Can you imagine spending 1/2hr on each platform out there? You would need to go into Social Media therapy.... ha ha. My fave are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So if you are in the corporate world, best bet is stick to LinkedIn and if you're in retail Instagram and Facebook are both great platforms to connect with people and your customers.

3. Spend one on one time with your family and friends and leave your device at home. I have been caught out doing this and looking down on my phone and not the people that are actually in front of me. I even get the kids to hide my phone as I can get a little addicted to all of you beautiful #teamdani humans. 

4. Ensure you only reach to your device 5 times per day. There is an insane stat out there that we look at our phone 150 times!!! Jeepers, I am totally going to count how many times I reach for my phone!

5. Challenge your friends, instead of posting on your Facebook wall or tweeting you ask them to actually give you a phone call or even Skype is better as you actually get to see the person face to face. you think I can do it? Of course I have scheduled content prepared for you while I'm away, so you can still be connected with me here and Facebook, however over in Instagram land - it will be the BIGGEST test ever. I live over there!!!

How to play!

Post your last picture anywhere on social media let it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and comment on how long you are challenging yourself to be #offthegrid2015.

Then of course when you're back online, you can check how long it was and tag your new post "I survived _ _ hrs/days #offthegrid2015"

* * * 

Invite your friends. Let's see how many of us can survive this online 24X7 addictive space we call social media. I know I love it but sometimes we just need to take a breather, get some fresh air and actually spend quality time with people and ourselves one-on-one. Not online.

So it kicks off any time you want in July. You can choose the days and how long you want to be disconnected with the world wide web. For those tagging their pictures with #ds365 and #offthegrid2017, I have a special gift for you (check your inbox for my latest newsletter or simply subscribe) alternatively if you don't have social media you can send me your experience here.

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