Leopard and Leather style feature with Jacki Miles

I love the world of fashion and when it comes to leopard print and prestige leather there is no better person to give us her tips and tricks than the aspiring stylist Jacki Miles. Thanks so much Jacki for sharing your amazing Leopard and Leather Instagram account with us as you truly have style in my eyes.

Let me introduce you to beautiful Jacki as she shares with us her Fitness, Food And Style ethos;

1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

I like to vary my workouts between crossfit, hiit/circuit training and weights.  I've recently rediscovered swimming (after a 15 year hiatus), and have found I really love the quiet and peacefulness of it all - you get the chance to focus on your body moving through the water, elongating your body, feeling the connection between stroke and kicking - it's very therapeutic and meditative for me!

2. Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate?

I absolutely love Mexican food so anything from that family (especially anything with coriander) that is fresh and colourful has me interested. 

3. Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why?

I love the style of the girls, Tash and Elle, from They All Hate Us. It's relaxed and casual, and features a lot of my favourite items (leopard and leather obviously) but also stripes and basics of white grey and black. I like how they mix cheaper basics (from Seed Heritage, Witchery, Cotton On etc) and designer pieces together. I'm a big fan of the 'just threw it together look' that requires as little effort as possible. 

For more structured styling, I really am loving Kim K's wardrobe (post Kayne). Love or hate her, she knows how to create amazing looks for her body whilst sticking to a strict colour palette of neutrals or black. Plus I think she definitely owns some of the credit for making wearing your workout gear outside of the gym sexy! Her black on black workout ensembles are some of the best! 

4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?
Good table manners never go unnoticed.

5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?
NARS tinted moisturiser with SPF 

My fashion tips/tricks 

Invest in;

A great leather bag, but be weary of trends. Stick with black, cream, tan or red.  I've got a cherry red Balenciaga motorcycle bag I've had for 8 years that I still use and get compliments on. It goes to show if you buy good quality they will last well (and I most certainly am not the poster child for taking care of things properly!). The second thing is to really think about what you'll be using the bag for the most, what size you need, whether you want a shoulder strap or you're happy to carry it. I love my Alexander Wang Rocco duffle, but with the brass studs it makes it such a heavy bag that i can never take it travelling. It's heavy enough empty! Personally I like to keep a few bags in rotation. I haven't bought a new bag in 2 years so at the moment I am toying with a new purchase of a Chloe Paraty or Marcie bag - and apart from knowing I want black - I can't decide on which size or model! I will usually spend 3 months researching before buying a new bag, looking at images before I decide. For this reason I am a solo shopper! 

Leopard print shoes - whether they be sandals or flats, heels or booties - a leopard shoe is very versatile and can instantly jazz up what would be a basic outfit. They go great with white, black, grey or denim! I even have leopard print nikes I bought when I was in New York last year so I can carry the style to my workouts!

Leopard accessories - I have a great Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf that I've had for 4 years and still wear it at least one a week! It goes great with a leather biker jacket or I can wear it on the beach as a sarong! It's one of my all time favourite purchases. Leopard scarves are always on sale every season so you can find one that suits you and your budget.