Look no hands! A car that drives itself XC90

What a month August has been, from Noah's 10th birthday to Zali turning 4, to going to Canberra for the Volvo XC90 drive experience to Sydney, with my Telstra crew recording their online Telstra TV content. It's been a blast! Not to mention my soon to be released 30 DAYS OF FITNESS & FOOD which has nearly taken me over 2 years to do, but better late than never right? You know how I roll - from my health tips and family-friendly recipe ideas, I am all about keeping it SIMPLE and having a happy life. Life should NOT be stressful. I'm here to keep smiles on these little peoples faces and ensure they get to experience the best in life!

Dani Stevens Volvo parents

It should be fun - time to enjoy things with your family and friends doing the things that make you HAPPY. For me, I cannot wait to get our family in the new XC90 and hitting the road together. Wind in our hair, weekend getaways, scenery to look at...the kids especially love playing how many blue, red or white cars we see on our road trip and eye spy games while driving - I LOVE it.

BUT! Wait for it! There is something I love a little bit more now...... hands-free parking (also well known in the technical world as perpendicular parking). It's outstanding, mind-blowing and I am not embarassed to admit that I was was SUPER nervous trying it for the first time in Canberra earlier this month. Check this out!

Look! No hands!

Unreal, huh? It's liberating to let go - and that's a lesson for LOTS of things you can change in your life to set you free. I was so thrilled to be part of this symbolic day for Volvo.

"This is one of the most important days in our history," said Kevin McCann, Managing Director of Volvo Car Australia. "We are not just launching a car, but re-launching our brand. This day marks a new era for our company. The All-New XC90 paves the way for a portfolio of exciting new cars to come in the following years."

I can't wait to be free and drive our new XC90, it's all about a New Beginning. It's been 12 years since Volvo launched this model into the market and it has had some ground breaking improvements over its predecessor. Some of the significant technology improvements this new and innovative model has is as follows;

- Wide screen digital dash (I particularly love how it alerts you if the speed limit has decreased or increased)

- iPad style cabin controller (which is ultra smooth, all you do is swipe or tap)

- Keyless entry plus the magic wave of my leg that opens the boot when my hands are full - absolutely brilliant

- Gorgeous plush and beautifully presented interior scheme (yes! Finally we all get to drive 6 people in the one car in style!)

- Flexible driving with a power curve that feels amazing (ssshhh....I kept to the speed limit)

- Automated emergency braking (remember on my school run the XC60 stopped before my bumper hit the back!)

- Semi-autonomous driving function (which is great if the kids distract me and I veer onto the other lane)

Plus much more!

It was great to hear the XC90's global product manager Lars Lagstorm say, "Our ambition with this car was to be leading in safety, design and human machine interface. That was the mission." Well mission completed Lars, this Mum of 4 is one happy woman, it ticks all the right boxes for me!

Lars Lagstrom and Dani Stevens Volvo XC90
Lars Lagstrom and Dani Stevens Volvo XC90

So this weekend, I want YOU to have an All New Beginning. Can you let it go? From your attitude to time management and stress, the pressure that today's technology is always "switched on", body image and diet - just let go and trust. You'll be happier and healthier.

Happy weekend!


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