Taste Byron Bay and Fig Tree Magic

How epic was our cooking session with Terase from Taste Byron Bay on Snapchat and Instagram. 

You are truly brilliant babe, your passion for good food and supporting local produce and farmers is what I loved the most! I learned so much from your chefs tricks of the trade too !

I can't wait for our little "Make Me A Chef" cooking segment next time!

For those that don't have snapchat, check out our fun filled day cooking at The Fig Tree restaurant in Byron Bay.

This magical Fig Tree took my breath away! Over 150 years old! How amazing? It had such a prescence I just wanted to be around it all day! In fact this swing was just what the doctor ordered.

Theres something so special about a tree that has such history and is one of the first plants that was cultivated by humans.

"From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig a wonderful future beckoned and winked." - Sylvia Plath. 

If you're ever in Bryon Bay, NSW you gotta look up Taste Byron Bay as Terase will introduce you to some of the most amazing local produce which she uses in her cooking classes.

Plus the news I received that day with my official partnership and Twitter verification made this day even more special for me.



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