Meet Tim Shieff Awesome Ethcs Human Being

I'm so thrilled to have World Champion Free Runner Tim Schieff join us today. I've been following him ever since he cooked a wicked Vegan Burger on Jamie's Food Tube channel a couple of years ago. 

I also shared his awesome parkour athleticism with our kids which you can read more here and watch him in action in some of my most favourite limitless moves. 

Tim Shieff VEGAN Dani Stevens interview

Tim takes 5 minutes with us today to get to know him more and what's been happening lately in his life.  


1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?


I dont have a daily routine but I like to hike and run in the mountains a lot at the moment, mountains really give a well rounded body workout with the different inclines and declines working all round on the legs and core and if you add some rock climbing/bouldering in there you can build a very strong fucntional human.


2. Describe your dream meal – what could we expect to find on your plate?


Part of the key to happiness is being satisfied with less so for me a dream meal for me is super simplistic. A rice dish with chickpeas, sweet potatoes a sauce and some avocado on the side and I'm a happy man!


3. Who’s your inspirational icon – who have you always admired, and why?


The people I look upto at the moment are in my opinion the best athletes on the planet but at opposite end of the spectrum. Conor McGregor for his brash confidence and fine crafted martial arts skills to back it up and Kilian Jornet for his incredible ability to float over mountains holding records up and down the biggest mountains in the world (apart from everest which he is going for this year). The masters of fight and flight.


4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?


Ha great question! Not sure what stayed but one I've been working on getting back is fidgeting. Kids fidget and never stop moving and this is great to keep the body mobile, as adults we train in a habit of being stationary a lot and our body can start to switch off, but our body naturally wants to move and run its own systems checks all through out the day. So because of that I'm trying to remove the breaks Ive trained on and let my body flow again.


5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?


A glass bottle of distilled or spring water (if optional), hydration and water (the right water) is crucial to be fueled for the day. A piece or two of fruit (pears my go to as they dont get squashed but can be super juicy and locally grown. My GPS watch to track all my adventures on strava

 * * *   

Thanks so much Tim for taking time to hang out with us here at Dani & Co. I'm loving your new ethical clothing company ETHCS (Formerly Ethics & Antics) and your vision on conscious ethical clothing which are the next steps for vegans and saving our beautiful planet.

You can follow Tim on YouTubeInstagram and his Twitter social channels. 


Here's more of Tim's awesomeness when I first came across him....

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