My Post-Workout Green Smoothie

After my workouts I am pretty famished and I need a high protein injection. I turn to no other than my all time fave coconut protein powder "SUPERFOOD" smoothie drink! I add a few handfuls of popeye's favourite spinach leaves just to get my extra added iron so I am supercharged all morning! The other reasons I love placing spinach in my smoothies is that it helps my digestive system. It flushes out toxins from the colon and let's just say I'm no longer constipated like I was back in the days.

I also love the way my skin feels. Since drinking green smoothies over the past few years, I have seen first hand the bounty of vitamins and minerals this little green leaf produces. My skin has become a lot more radiant and has increased the health of my skin tenfold. I highly recommend it.


1 scoop of Coconut Protein Powder

Spinach leaves


600ml coconut water

1 banana

Drizzle of maple syrup 


As per video above, blend until all combined and super charge your day!

Enjoy and let me know how you like to super charge your day and leave me a comment below for more recipes you would like to watch me make.

Much love & friendship,