Dani's Highlight 2014 : Feed Your Skin
grab yourself one. Evohe-Dani IG My all year round healthy looking skin is all thanks to wholesome personally experience. I am gifting 100 Evohe Skincare packs to #TeamDani this month, so please ensure you Evohe-Dani-IG.png younger, fresh looking skin you gotta try Evohe. A truly self nurturing treat I want YOU to
Dani's secrets to younger looking skin
Evohe from my friends at Evohe about cleansing. I hope these tips have given you some insight into my look after myself. How do you look after your skin? XxDani PS: to all our 100 Team Dani Evohe winners ever I am stuck without my Evohe products, I use it as a lip balm, face moisturise, hair repair and
My Photo shoot and how I Work Wonders
Evohe 3 oil by Evohe, super easy to work with and it gives me a natural finish with the moisture my skin
Facebook 100K Celebration Giveaway
use, I want you to experience and Evohe has you covered. Evohe have kindly gifted my #teamdani with Evohe skincare bliss. Recognising your true beauty and radiance through natural skin care, Evohe knows how to 100 trial packs of their amazing skin care products. You too can experience pure Evohe luxe
Facebook 100k Fans Giveaway Winners
further adieu, here are our lucky winners! #GoodnessMeBox #Milk and Co #Nexba #Evohe C O N G R A T
#alsicebucketchallenge success and announcement!
too; Evohe's skin care range is simply opulent. It's built on sustainability, cruelty-free lifestyle
My travel tips and airport style
? Like REALLY light! My "5 must have" things when I travel are; Toiletry bag (Evohe skincare range
Protein Balls by Chef Cynthia Louise
I love this woman, we met through my beautiful friends Evohe and since then I have made quite a few
Ahhh love is still in the air
your feedback. Evohe trial packs for Team Dani We are also madly renovating our place and Adrian Evohe skincare trial packs that you have so patiently been waiting for. I am just adding my personal
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